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capitalist adj
1 of or relating to capitalism or capitalists; "a capitalist nation"; "capitalistic methods and incentives" [syn: capitalistic]
2 favoring or practicing capitalism [syn: capitalistic] [ant: socialistic]


1 a conservative advocate of capitalism
2 a person who invests capital in a business (especially a large business)

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  1. In support of capitalism, often used in a derogatory manner.
    (neutral) capitalist economy; capitalist countries.
    capitalist pigs.


in support of capitalism


  1. A person who is a supporter of capitalism.
  2. An owner of (considerable amount of) capital.


supporter of capitalism
owner of capital
  • Finnish: kapitalisti

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main capitalism
  • The word Capitalist was originally minted by William Thackeray in the sense of one who owns capital, and was more precisely defined by Karl Marx in Das Kapital as one who owned working capital including machinery and made money by letting others work on those machines. Being a capitalist in this original sense does not necessarily mean that one supports capitalism.
  • Very recently a Risk Capitalist has come to be used as an equivalent to a Venture Capitalist.

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Daddy Warbucks, Wall Streeter, billionaire, bloated plutocrat, bourgeois, economist, fat cat, finance capitalist, financial expert, financier, free-enterprise, individualist, individualistic, investor, man of means, man of substance, man of wealth, millionaire, moneybags, moneyed man, moneyman, multimillionaire, nabob, nonsocialistic, parvenu, plutocrat, private-enterprise, rich man, richling, rugged individualist, warm man, wealthy man
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